Book #3 in the Change Series

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“Change of Darkness by Jacinta Jade is a young adult epic fantasy with a strong appeal for fans of books like The Maze Runner, a tale loaded with twists and unexpected turns that will leave any reader hugely satisfied.” Readers’ Favorite

Captured by the enemy, Siray and her friends are forced into a brutal training program that aims to convert them into loyal Faction soldiers, and they quickly learn the truth of their foe’s terrible motto, only the strong survive.

Set on rejoining the Resistance, Siray and her friends risk death planning an escape and, while fighting to survive their harsh new environment, Siray finally realises who her heart truly belongs to.

Yet the mysterious, commanding figure that has haunted her dreams is watching closely, and Siray soon finds her future forever altered as her real enemy finally reveals himself and his plans.

She must survive.
So she will Change.
And become something new…

This is the third exciting instalment in the Change Series that will have holding your breath with every page turn…



“If there is anything spectacular about Jacinta Jade’s writing, it is her expertise in building twists into a story and creating dilemmas that put her protagonist in tight situations. Change of Darkness is cinematic, with an exciting setting, an environment that is fraught with danger, an element of the grittiness that stands out in the story. The narrative is fast paced, filled with intense action, and the characters are so real that readers will feel a unique connection with them. The story is conflict driven, cleverly plotted, and expertly developed to hold the reader’s attention from the first gripping page to the last.”
Readers’ Favorite International – FIVE Stars

“I’m fully obsessed with this series. Each book gets better and better but this book is beyond phenomenal. It’s thorough, ruthless, enthralling, unrelenting. This whole series became something so much more monumental with this book. I cannot, cannot, cannot wait for the next one. I love this author.”
Alicia La Fontaine, Book Reviewer & Author

“I don’t know how I am going to wait for the fourth book to come out. It has been an amazing journey seeing how Siray and her band of misfits have transformed over the last three books. This is definitely a series that I will be recommending.”
Booksandtealove, Amazon Reviewer

“As I’ve now read Books 1-3 in this series, I can definitely recommend this series as a worthwhile read. While I’m not usually hooked by Paranormal Action/Suspense/Romance stories, I’ve made an exception for this series.”
Avid Book Love, Amazon Reviewer 

“All I can say is LOVE the plots, the characters, and the different settings. A MUST read on anyone’s lists!”
Evelyn Dotson, Amazon Reviewer

“As an avid reader, I can’t believe that I’ve never read this series! Change of Darkness is a thrilling, passionate story of a female fighting within herself while fighting for her beliefs. Based in a completely unique world, Jacinta Jade weaves a compelling, twisted plot while forcing you to admire the good and bad sides of her heroine!”
Jen L Kitchenmaster

“I highly recommend this book and series! I devoured all three in less than a week and this third installment turned everything we knew and loved about these characters upside and I feel like I held in a never ending scream throughout this. I cannot wait for the fourth installment!”
Nora W, Amazon Reviewer

“This is the best book yet in the series.”
-Amazon Reviewer

“I’m going to start this off by saying that I have absolutely loved all of the books in this series, and this is no different…I could not put it down! The author has woven such a fantastic world here. I’m very excited for the next one.”
-Amazon Reviewer

“I liked “Change of Darkness” by Jacinta Jade, who is an intelligent, entertaining and very creative writer. This book is the third instalment in her exciting and dramatic Change Series for young adults. The characters are interesting, different, competitive and rise to meet trouble just like the tough world, we all must live in as we come of age. Very well done!”
TeamGolfWell – NZ Reviewer – FIVE stars

“The Change series is one of the best series that I’ve ever had the privilege to read. I fell in love with the universe and characters that Jacinta Jade created in the first book, and that love has grown stronger with every book. Change of Darkness, the third book in the series, brings the largest hurdle yet to the Resistance. The book starts off shortly after the events at the end of the second book, which I absolutely love. Just like the first two books, this one causes a roller-coaster of emotions and made me stay up entirely too late to keep reading it… I can’t wait for Book 4.”
-Amazon Reviewer

Wow they keep getting better and better! With this book I couldn’t wait to finish it yet wanted to read it quickly to find out what happens, so many unexpected things that happen, it keeps you on your toes and of course she (the author) made me cry again in this book! I couldn’t believe it! And now have to wait until the next book comes out! I hope it’s not too long, I love this series and it is one that you hope doesn’t come to an end but they always have to – luckily this one not yet! A very definite must read series!
-Amazon Reviewer