Praise for JJ’s Books


Change of Chaos (Book 1):

Change of Edict (Book 2):  5 STAR Award (Reader’s Favorite International).

Change of Darkness (Book 3): 5 STAR Award (Reader’s Favorite International).

Read on for excerpts of sample praise for The Change Series below.


“…Change of Chaos is perfect for YA fans who want to trek through a beautifully described world alongside a cast of compelling, fiercely likable characters….”
(Michelle Hope, Professional editor to top-tier authors, including George R. R. Martin)

“Jade’s storytelling and pacing are without a doubt par excellence…I will definitely be picking up the second book, and I recommend Change of Chaos for any who favor strong characters, well thought out action, and a world that truly feels alive.”
(Readers’ Favorite review – FIVE STARS)

“The novel is the first in a series, and sets up the story of Siray as she navigates a confusing landscape of both growing into adulthood and her new form…I can’t wait to see what comes up in the next book!”
(Amazon reviewer)

“Action packed ! The fantasy world and the characters are complex and believable. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”
(Amazon reviewer)

“Loved this story and am looking forward to reading each book as they are available in the series…I highly recommend this book as one of your books that must be read as soon as possible!”
(Amazon reviewer)

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“I found this very fast-paced story filled with action, romance, cunning, excitement, and lots of unexpected surprises. This very intelligent author makes the story easily flow through your mind. As you get into the story, I tended to read it faster and faster. I simply enjoy this author’s work and, in my opinion, she is a cut above the rest. Very well done!
(TeamGolfWell – NZ Reviewer)

“Harry Potter meets Avatar in the YA science fiction novel, Change of Edict (Change Series Book 2) by Jacinta Jade. This book is the engrossing, must-not-miss sequel to Change of Chaos. Defiant Shifters, adventure, romance, and out-of-this-world settings; this book has it all! This novel will definitely have its readers begging for the next installment!”
(Readers’ Favorite review – FIVE STARS)

“I devoured this in less than a day, even sneak reading under the blanket so I wouldn’t disturb my husband. I cannot wait for book 3!”
(Amazon reviewer)

“Loved this continuation of The Change Series. The story line has me completely hooked…There are heartbreaking moments, a lot of suspense, and a bit of competitive romance…I found myself reading this book well into the night as it was hard to put the book down!!”
(Amazon reviewer)

“I couldn’t put this book down. It starts out where the first book ends and the action never ends. The plot twists are amazing.”
(Amazon reviewer)

“I just loved both the books from this series and can’t wait to get my hands on the next.”
(Amazon reviewer) 

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“This is the best book yet in the series.”
(Advanced Copy Review)

“Change of Darkness by Jacinta Jade is a young adult epic fantasy with a strong appeal for fans of books like The Maze Runner, a tale loaded with twists and unexpected turns that will leave any reader hugely satisfied. If there is anything spectacular about Jacinta Jade’s writing, it is her expertise in building twists into a story and creating dilemmas that put her protagonist in tight situations. Change of Darkness is cinematic, with an exciting setting, an environment that is fraught with danger, an element of the grittiness that stands out in the story. The narrative is fast paced, filled with intense action, and the characters are so real that readers will feel a unique connection with them. The story is conflict driven, cleverly plotted, and expertly developed to hold the reader’s attention from the first gripping page to the last.” (Readers’ Favorite International – FIVE Stars)

“I’m going to start this off by saying that I have absolutely loved all of the books in this series, and this is no different. This one felt a bit longer than the others, but was just like the other 2 in that I could not put it down! The author has woven such a fantastic world here. Warning, this book does need to be read in order, and it is a cliffhanger, but it is so amazing! I’m very excited for the next one.”
(Amazon Reviewer)

“I liked “Change of Darkness” by Jacinta Jade, who is an intelligent, entertaining and very creative writer. This book is the third installment in her exciting and dramatic Change Series for young adults.  The third installment is an action-packed story with many twists and turns and a masterpiece of excitement and the best of the three books so far in this series. Like her other Change Series stories, this is a fast-paced, exciting and thought-provoking tale of a young woman learning and dealing with unexpected situations using her courage, ingenuity, and bravery…the characters are interesting, different, competitive and rise to meet trouble just like the tough world, we all must live in as we come of age. Very well done!”
(TeamGolfWell – NZ Reviewer – FIVE stars)

“The Change series is one of the best series that I’ve ever had the privilege to read. I fell in love with the universe and characters that author Jacinta Jade created in the first book, and that love has grown stronger with every book. Change of Darkness, the third book in the series, brings the largest hurdle yet to the Resistance. The book starts off shortly after the events at the end of the second book, which I absolutely love. Just like the first two books, this one causes a roller-coaster of emotions and made me stay up entirely too late to keep reading it… I can’t wait for Book 4.”
(Advanced Copy Reviewer)

Wow they keep getting better and better! With this book I couldn’t wait to finish it yet wanted to read it quickly to find out what happens, so many unexpected things that happen, it keeps you on your toes and of course she (the author) made me cry again in this book! I couldn’t believe it! And now have to wait until the next book comes out! I hope it’s not too long, I love this series and it is one that you hope doesn’t come to an end but they always have to – luckily this one not yet! A very definite must read series!
(Advanced Copy Reviewer)