Change Series FAQs

Read on for interesting facts about Siray’s world of Kaslon…

  1. Kaslon:
    One world in a planetary system, it revolves around an orange sun, has three moons and its atmosphere is a purple colour.
  2. Places:
    There are four major cities on Kaslon – Lalinta, Opanau, Tunet (the capital and biggest of the three cities) and Xarcon. In Siray’s time, Xarcon is supposed to be a mostly abandoned city, avoided by Kaslonians from the other three cities.
  3. Cities: 
    Each city has a Development Dome, in which the youths of the cities are raised and educated and call home.
  4. Youths:
    Kaslon youths are not viewed in light of their gender while they are young are not considered mature adults until the undergo the Change ceremony and adopt their chosen animal form for two cycles. They are then allowed to return to their city of choice and embark upon their adult career as a recognised member of society. Youths are not raised by their parents but are raised by a cycle guide – an independent nurturer solely dedicated to their group.
  5. Kaslonian adults:
    Identify each other as male or female, until they come to know another member of their society by name. When a kaslonian is stressed, they tend to fall back on this simple means of identification, which is related to their strong links to their animal natures.
  6. Great Mother:
    The guiding spirit most kaslonians believe in and worship through nurture of their world.
  7. Government:
    Each of the three occupied cities is run by a group of elected administrators. From the combined group of city administrators, nine elders are elected by their peers to form the Ruling Council. The Ruling Council works alongside the Ruling Mated Pair to govern Kaslon.
  8. Ruling Mated Pair:
    Is chosen through the council, apparently with input from the Great Mother herself. The pair are generally revered for their knowledge, skills, animal forms and leadership, and are supposed to embody the kaslonian ideals.
  9. Lost Ones:
    Kaslonians who have lost their mind and gone mad – usually from a poorly executed Change. Lost Ones tend to group together in a rugged area known as the Dil’wat Ruins, and are known to be extremely aggressive to any normal kaslonians who enter their territory.
  10. Technology:
    Kaslonian society is quite advanced technology wise, but they have strict restrictions on the use of technology outside of cities (or approved established camps). Sometimes groups of kaslonians will bend these rules for their own purposes.
  11. The Change Ceremony:
    A formal ceremony through which kaslonian youths officially transition to adulthood. During the ceremony, youths are guided through a meditation that helps them make their first Change into their chosen animal form. Once they have Changed into their ‘second’ form (the first being their humanoid form), they are immediately released into the wildness to live at least one cycle in that form before they can rejoin society in a kaslon city.
  12. Fauna (animals):
    Kaslon is host to a large ecosystem with a wide variety of large, medium, small, herbivore, omnivore and carnivores. While some land species range across the continent and various islands, others can only be found in some specific locations such as mountain ranges, valleys, plains or desert. Further, an even wider array of species, some still being discovered, exist in the vast kaslon oceans.
  13. Flora (plants):
    While kaslonians are technologically advanced, given society laws regarding strictly no use of technology beyond city borders, they are also a people that know of and utilise the benefits of the various plants around them, for example, medicinal purposes.


More interesting facts about Kaslon coming soon!