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Uh oh. Did you find an error? Is there a word like ‘silly’ but where the ‘y’ has dropped off? Did one character’s eyes change colour mid-way through a book? Did one of them come back alive when they should definitely be still dead? Did any injury switch legs mid-chapter? Or did you just find a ‘their’ when it should be ‘there’?

All of the above have happened to me before, but usually my editor find all these things first, so if you have stumbled across something, please let me know! Just drop me a note using the form below and be sure to include the book title, chapter, page number and description of the mistake so I can fix it before someone else also stumbles over the same passage on their way to the next plot twist!

Or did you just want to say hi? You can also do that too, as I love to hear from readers. Unless you are planning on taking over the world. Can’t help you there, but I do know the headquarters of all EVIL are located at 700 Harris Ave, Bellingham. Oh and if you’re merely stalking, please go straight to any of the following online addresses where these fine folk will love to help you out… NYPD, VicPol 🙂