JJ’s Bio

Hello! I’m Jacinta Jade, author of thJacinta Jade - Headshote young-adult fantasy books, The Change Series. I love a strong female lead, a good fight scene and surprising endings.

I also like to make friends of strangers in local hangouts (its amazing the people you can meet), enjoy competing in tower climbs (haven’t thrown-up once at the top) and have held national titles in martial arts (with not too many injuries).

When I’m not writing, I split my time between counting down until the next Star Wars movie, playing PS4 games (like Far Cry and Assassins Creed) and drawing. Oh, and reading – love to read, preferably in a comfy armchair, in front of a fire place, with an x-rated hot chocolate in hand…

I once worked as an adviser across multiple industry areas (crime, transport infrastructure and city planning) before deciding to write a series of young-adult fiction books over three years – while working full time. It was only going to be one book initially, until it wasn’t!

I do my best writing in beautiful, mysterious and random locations, but preferably the ones where a good cup of coffee might be close by. Currently, that location is Melbourne, Australia.

I’m inspired by other writers like Sarah J. Maas (love her series), Suzanne Collins (great action), Victoria Aveyard (dystopian society) and yes, even Stephanie Myer’s Twilight series, because hunky werewolves, right?

I tend to write, edit and release my books in groups, so I’ll spend six to twelve months writing two or three and then release them close together months later. This way, you get to keep going with the adventure in splurges – binge reading anyone?

I try not to leave you with too many cliff hangers at the end of a book, but don’t fret if I do, because you can trust me to deliver in the next book of the series!

To see when my next book will come out, and a whole bunch of other random fun things – like which of my characters’ injuries have actually happened to me – read my blog and don’t forget to LIKE my facebook page where I’m always offering some kind of competition 🙂 I mean, who doesn’t like to win personally signed, first edition copies of new book releases, or have the chance to be immortalized as a book character?

Happy reading to you!