I always had a good imagination. As a child, I spent hours building cities with Lego in order so I could play out a story with them and would build little movie sets so I could act out other stories. Usually ones where the hero always defeated the bad guy.

I didn’t really have nightmares beyond the minor ones as a child, until my father let me watch American Werewolf in London with him one night…I must have been eight or younger. I know – you’re thinking what was that man doing? Sssshhh, I still don’t think my mum knows! And yes, I had vivid nightmares for years after that… And to be fair, my father did try to tell me that the movie would be scary, but being me, I puffed out my chest and probably said I’d be fine.

To this day, I now watch scary movie bits second hand – by watching the face of others also watching the movie to know when it’s safe to look back at the screen!

But I still think that experience helped make me the writer I am today, as it certainly made my imagination run wild.

And even though I’m the type of person who will confidently step into a bar of strangers and work the room like I know you all on a deep level already, there is nothing I love more than to be locked away in a comfy armchair writing the next chapter of my next book.

And there is always another book tucked up in my mind that I’m dying to set down on paper.

Some people still don’t get it – why I love to write. Some readers do, even if they don’t understand how we authors find the time to get all those words down and arrange them onto paper (sometimes I don’t know how it happens either!). But you have to understand, I’m not just seeing our world through different eyes, I’m seeing new worlds. New galaxies. New animals. I’m bending and breaking the rules of science that we know and seeing other beings living out their own lives and conflicts. It’s an amazing and exhausting feeling!

Yet none of this would ever have happened if my father hadn’t told me at a young age that I must now read adult books and that the pictures would form like a movie in my own mind once I started reading.

And now, I create the movies for others 🙂

Happy reading,



Jacinta Jade (JJ) is an award winning YA Fiction Australian author whose books have been described as action-packed fantasy, often incorporating elements of suspense, romance, science fiction, para-normal and adventure.


Jade was born in 1986 in Victoria, Australia and spent the first 17 years of life in not-quite suburbia and not-quite country towns. Known for detesting shopping and social situations of most kinds, Jade was always to be found carrying not one, but usually two books – just in case she finished the first. She quickly got through all the Nancy Drew, R.L Stine and other assorted selection of books in the house before discovering Narnia in the school library, from where her love of fiction and adventure books began.

Jade went through school writing her own short stories on the side but never knowing what to do with them and so the collection of stories on paper and in her mind continued to grow.

Following High School, Jade actually received a military scholarship to ADFA but then had to change careers when her food allergy was discovered. After jumping into a Computer Science/Mathematics degree last minute, both of which Jade detested, she finished the studies and became an advisor in government, completing an Arts post-graduate diploma along the way in Criminal Intelligence (something she did actually enjoy).

Even with a successful career, in 2016 Jade realised that there was still a big gap in her life…her writing. Luckily, she also realised the only way to publish a book was to do just that – publish a book! So, she stopped the planning process and wrote Change of Chaos over one year, then Change of Edict in six weeks after that, followed by Change of Darkness over six months following.

All three books were published as Indie books in 2018, with several awards for the series received in the same year, including the Gold eBook Award and Chanticleer Best in Category award for YA Fiction.

With her formal writing career barely a year old, Jade continues to write from Melbourne, Australia, where the coffee is always good.

Her next book, Change of Fate, the fourth book in the Change Series, is due out in 2020.