And the Chanticleer Book award for Best in YA Fiction goes to… Change of Chaos!

Best in Category – Change of Chaos

Well, its been a long but exciting four days, given that I just undertook 40 hours of travelling from Melbourne, Australia to get to Bellingham, Washington to attend the Chanticleer Book Awards, but it’s been worth it.

If you hadn’t already guessed from the heading of this post, then yes, the first book in my YA Fiction series, Change of Chaos, won Best in Category for YA Fiction at the Chanticleer Book Awards night on Saturday 27 April 2019.

It was a really happy night for myself and the other authors who won, because you know your celebrating with people who understand the effort, sacrifices and intense process writing a book, let alone a series, can bring.

It was also great to have the awards presented by other successful authors, including one award presented by J.D. Barker, the international best seller suspense writer who is currently wrapping up a novel with James Patterson.

If I think back to my earlier posts on when I first heard I had been long-listed for this award, I didn’t think I would continue on through to the short-list, then the semi-finalists list, let alone win the BIG ONE!

Thanks to all my supporters and readers and the organisers of the Chanticleer Book Awards!

Happy reading,


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