MacBook Air 2018 – The Sticking Space Bar (AKA, the bane of all writers)

Just a quick rant from a busy writer on the sticking space bar key on the MacBook Air…


  • MacBook Air 2018 – bought  in Jan 2019.
  • Loved it for the first two weeks (I still love it, just not the space bar key).
  • Hated it for the next while the space bar key decided to, just some times, maybe, work (seriously, I just had re-write this sentence four times to remove the double spaces and fix the ‘no spaces’)
  • Why is this frustrating? Because as a writer, you need to be able to open up your laptop and get straight to work. And why is it annoying to have slow down and re-type every other word? Because it stops the flow of writing and, in a 100,000 word manuscript, I already have enough editing to do without my technology working against me.
  • Fixes I tried: running the loop end of small needle around its edge.
  • Holding the lap top upside down and tapping on the bottom.
  • Holding it sideways on 75 degree angle and blowing on it (mimicking the compressed air approach).
  • Thought about buying a can of compressed air.
  • Thought about prying it up (didn’t, after reading more advice online).
  • Read about how I could take it on an hour drive to an Apple Store (because there isn’t one in the Melbourne CBD!!!!)
  • Decided single-digit punching the troublesome key was the way to go – and it  fixed it, mostly. Some times it still does not work, and some times it does a double space, but it appears to be only once in a sentence now, rather than in every other word.
  • I still might take it into the Apple Store…
  • But of all the keys to stick, why the Spacebar? If it only could have been the letter Q…

And there’s my rant…Happy reading!


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