2018 YA Fiction Book Award Semi-finalist…Aussie author hopes for win!

This year has been super exciting as my book nomination has moved from the slush pile of nominees, to the long list, and now on to the semi-finalist list for the 2018 Dante Rossetti Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction!

What is this award, you ask? Brief spiel below, with a picture of a person I’m assuming is probably Dante Rossetti…

Dante Rossetti Awards for YA Fiction

The Dante Rossetti Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Young Adult Fiction. The Dante Rossetti Book  Awards is a genre division of Chanticleer International Book Awards…

Having this year won three FIVE STAR awards from Readers’ Favorite International for my new YA Fiction series, and the Gold Award for YA Fiction from the Global ebook Awards, I’m hoping to make it a hat trick and also receive this great award for emerging talent!

Chanticleer Book Reviews is looking for the best books featuring stories of all shapes and sizes written to an audience between the ages of about twelve to eighteen. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopian, Mystery, Paranormal, Historical, Romance, Literary, we will put them to the test and choose the best Young Adult Books among them.

Now to keep praying to those book gods that the judges enjoy my book enough to move me on to the short list! But, if not, it has been a fun ride, has been lovely to be recognised up to this point, and I know that my fans still love my work!

Good luck to all my fellow semi-finalists in these next final rounds of judging!


  • Mara Gan – Joined
  • Dan Morales – The Scouts of St. Michael Operation Archangel
  • Robert Wright Jr – Unwanted
  • Alexander Edlund – Keelic and the Pathfinders
  • KB Shaw – From the Shadows
  • Tom Edwards – The Honourable Catherine
  • Carmela A. Martino – Playing by Heart
  • Gina Detwiler  – Forlorn
  • Cheryl G. Bostrom – Climb, Run, Drown
  • Alex Paul – Tookan Attack
  • Lynn Yvonne Moon – Whispers
  • Tiffany Brooks – Reality Gold
  • Andrea and William Vaughan – 2nd Gen
  • Jacinta Jade – Change of Chaos
  • Chuck Vance – Sneaking Out
  • Andrea Murray – Something New
  • Susan Faw – Soul Sacrifice
  • Sarah Mendivel – Sam’s Theory
  • Christy Nicholas – The Enchanted Swans 
  • Jennifer Alsever – Ember Burning: Trinity Forest Book 1

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