Amazing YA Fiction series scoops up third 5 STAR international review!

So excited to share the news that Change of Darkness, book #3 in my YA fiction trilogy, The Change Series, has received a 5 Star review from Readers’ Favorite International!

As the third installment is my own personal favorite book in the series to date, with a fourth book to be released in 2019, this review is particularly thrilling! Read on below…

CHANGE OF DARKNESS (Book #3 in The Change Series)

Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

5-STAR Review

Change of Darkness by Jacinta Jade is a young adult epic fantasy with a strong appeal for fans of books like The Maze Runner, a tale loaded with twists and unexpected turns that will leave any reader hugely satisfied. The third installment in the Change series, this coming-of-age story features compelling characters and a heroine readers will most likely root for. Siray and her friends — misfits — find themselves in dire straits, captured by their enemy and forced to train to become part of the Faction soldiers. It is a world of the survival of the fittest and after losing some of her friends, Siray must lead her companions to freedom. Meanwhile, the love of her life might not be what she dreams about. When she finally knows who her real enemy is, will she have the courage to make the right choice or follow the dictates of her heart? 

If there is anything spectacular about Jacinta Jade’s writing, it is her expertise in building twists into a story and creating dilemmas that put her protagonist in tight situations. Change of Darkness is cinematic, with an exciting setting, an environment that is fraught with danger, an element of the grittiness that stands out in the story. The narrative is fast paced, filled with intense action, and the characters are so real that readers will feel a unique connection with them. This is the first book I am reading in this series and the characters feel like I have known them all along, thanks to the author’s fine sense of realism and her ability to imbue the characters with humanity. The story is conflict driven, cleverly plotted, and expertly developed to hold the reader’s attention from the first gripping page to the last.


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