Top Ten Best YA Fiction Books by Hidden Gems…

Hidden Gems recently announced the top ten best YA Fiction books that have been reviewed by their readership…and The Change Series was nominated in the top ten!

Read the section of Hidden Gems’ article below, or the full version of which can be found here.

With the summer stretching on, it was only natural that YA books saw a big surge – and that was no exception in the Hidden Gems program, either. We shared some great titles with subscribers, and it was tough to choose our ten favorites of the summer months. Nevertheless, here are the best young adult books that got us and our reviewers excited to stay in and read….

 Change of Darkness by Jacinta JadeChange of Darkness by Jacinta Jade

The Change series by Jacinta Jade is already well-established, and subscribers this month got the chance to read the third installment, Change of Darkness.

As with previous installments, the book follows our heroine Siray, who is in a continued battle for survival against The Faction; and in this book, finds herself starting to wonder if she’s more of a danger to everything she’s fighting for than her enemy itself.

“The author has woven such a fantastic world here,” writes Brittany Garvey in her review, “these books do need to be read in order, and it is a cliffhanger.”

Fortunately, longer-term subscribers to Hidden Gems had the opportunity to read the previous two installments – and will hopefully get free copies of the ones to come, as well. That makes all the difference, as reviewer Evelyn Dotson recommends: “you MUST read the first two books, and if you do – you will NOT be disappointed. I LOVE the plots, the characters, and the different settings. It’s a MUST read on anyone’s lists.”



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