Book 4 of The Change Series…

I know some of you have already read the third installment of my Change Series, Change of Darkness, which launched on 31 July – and I know some of you read it in a day – and are now asking about Book 4 of the series…because I clearly showed there would be a Book 4!


When I first began writing the books, I honestly thought there might just be one. Then I realised if I did try to cram everything that I could see happening into one book, it would end up being about 1,500 pages long…and I couldn’t face that! So I wrote Book 1, Change of Chaos. And there had to be a Book 2 – Change of Edict.

And when I was writing Book 3, Change of Darkness, I realised early on that I wasn’t going to cram everything in to that book either…and I hate rushed endings!

So after having a short break to let the mind reboot after publishing three books in one year (oh yes, that really happened), I’m now continuing work on Book 4, which should give you the answers to the questions you’ve raised during the rest of my series, and hopefully raise some more!

Already well in progress, I’m enjoying reading your feedback on the first, second and third book of my series, and using your comments to inspire me while writing Book 4!

But I guess the big question you might want to ask is…will Book 4 be the end of story for Siray and her friends…?

You’ll find out next year!

Happy reading,


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