The wait is over! Book 3, Change of Darkness, is here!

Change of Darkness, the third book in Jacinta Jade’s new but highly rated series, was officially launched today! Book 3 - purchase

Already rated 5 stars by a New Zealand review team and making its Advanced Reviewers cry, laugh and gasp, the action, unexpected twists and new reveals in this anticipated third installment of the YA Fiction series will leave you hungry and desperate for the next book in the series!

Here are what a couple of Advanced Reviewer’s had to say:

“The Change series is one of the best series that I’ve ever had the privilege to read. I fell in love with the universe and characters that author Jacinta Jade created in the first book, and that love has grown stronger with every book. Change of Darkness, the third book in the series, brings the largest hurdle yet to the Resistance. The book starts off shortly after the events at the end of the second book, which I absolutely love. Just like the first two books, this one causes a roller-coaster of emotions and made me stay up entirely too late to keep reading it… I can’t wait for Book 4.”
(Advanced Copy Reviewer)

Wow, they keep getting better and better! With this book I couldn’t wait to finish it yet wanted to read it quickly to find out what happens, so many unexpected things that happen, it keeps you on your toes and of course she (the author) made me cry again in this book! I couldn’t believe it! And now have to wait until the next book comes out! I hope it’s not too long, I love this series and it is one that you hope doesn’t come to an end but they always have to – luckily this one not yet! A very definite must read series!
(Advanced Copy Reviewer)


Happy reading to you all,


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