Change of Darkness – Rated 5 STARS!!

Review team from New Zealand rates the soon to be released, third installment of The Change Series as 5 STARS!


Change of Darkness, will be officially released on 31 July 2018, follows on from the sequel in Jacinta Jade’s action packed YA fiction series, Change of Edict. Like the two books before it, this third installment is a roller-coaster of adventure and emotion that pulls you deeper into the world of Kaslon and the challenges that the main heroine, Siray, must face as she fights to save her world.

The NZ team, who received an Advanced Copy of the new book, said:

“I liked “Change of Darkness” by Jacinta Jade, who is an intelligent, entertaining and very creative writer. This book is the third installment in her exciting and dramatic Change Series for young adults.  The third installment is an action-packed story with many twists and turns and a masterpiece of excitement and the best of the three books so far in this series.

Like her other Change Series stories, this is a fast-paced, exciting and thought-provoking tale of a young woman learning and dealing with unexpected situations using her courage, ingenuity, and bravery. She deals with more serious situations than the first two books.

The characters are interesting, different, competitive and rise to meet trouble just like the tough world, we all must live in as we come of age.

Very well done! Five stars.”

(TeamGolfWell, New Zealand)

Another Advanced Reviewer of the third book said:

“The Change Series is one of the best series that I’ve ever had the privilege to read…I can’t wait for Book 4.” 

(Advanced Reader on Goodreads)

Don’t miss out on this series! Start your adventure with Change of Chaos today!

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