Hard at work on Book 3…

Well, I’m hard at work on polishing off the third installment of my series, Change of Darkness, and its looking really good!

I mean, sometimes I go through some ups and downs…

The author back and forth

But in the end I usually go, “Its good, you did it!”

Then of course I publish and realise there are a number of tiny mistakes in the manuscript, which both my eyes, my editor AND Word missed (e.g., at one point in Change of Chaos, I talk about ‘tests’. Its currently spelled as ‘tets’. Oh Word, why did you fail me???).

And each time I work to polish a new book, I apply the learnings from those small mistakes in previous books, but the reality is that, in a manuscript of 150,000 words, there are going to be some mistakes! (I keep telling myself this so I don’t end up sobbing in a corner like the last picture above)

But despite its demands, I do enjoy the journey of creating, re-drafting, testing with Betas, and polishing over and over a manuscript to get the end product, and this will be the third go round! (despite which, I’m still as nervous as if it were Book 1)

Hope your looking forward to the release of Change of Darkness in just two months!

Happy reading,


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