Why I love to read your reviews…

annie-spratt-475541-unsplashI love getting reviews from readers on Goodreads and Amazon, as beyond helping more readers who like the same sort of fiction find my book, your comments help me to make the next book even better!

Some of my favourite reviews to date say things like:

Honestly speaking, I was not expecting a lot from this book. As much as I love YA books, sometimes the cheesey romance is way over the top. But, not this one. Very subtle romance that grows organically over the course of the book…

I like that review because it tells me that my romance plot is hitting the right note, although in Book 2, the romance DOES become more central, but not for long.

Here is another review that added value:

Very much loved this book. It was slow to begin with but quickly picked up pace. At the end I was hard pressed to put it down so I could go to sleep. Reminded me in general of the hunger games series and the divergent series of books. The same but at the same time with a welcome change. I felt that the author at times made things too formal and ceremonial but that quickly went by the wayside thankfully…

Okay, so you like action and not too much formality – good to know, and I’ll keep it to a minimum.

But sometimes, the best reviews are these ones, which just make me want to hug the reviewer…

Loved this story and am looking forward to reading each book as they are available in the series. Change of Chaos has a bit of romance that will leave you wondering what will happen along that story line. It also has a bunch of different shifter animals (some a bit on the fantasy (fantastical) side to become familiar with. And it has a LOT of suspense in the main story line. All-in-all I highly recommend this book as one of your books that must be read as soon as possible! 

Its always nice to have your work appreciated!

Thanks to everyone who has left a review of my books so far, and I look forward to reading more comments to help me write Book 4 of the series.

Not long until Book 3, Change of Darkness is released on 31 July 2018!

Happy reading,


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