Change of Chaos – FAQs!

freddy-castro-133326-unsplashSo I started a FAQ page on my website which will provide you with interesting facts about the world of Kaslon on which the Change Series takes place.

It won’t give away what happens in the story if you haven’t read them yet (but plan to), but if you have read at least book 1 of my series, Change of Chaos, the page might help you to understand certain aspects of the world Siray and her friends inhabit.

Further, the FAQ page lets me clarify some aspects of the nature of the world of Kaslon and its inhabitant’s ability to Change when readers have specific questions – for example, two readers recently raised the question of why the characters in the book so often refer to each other as male/female, and never use boy/girl, woman, man, and rarely use she/he, and I answer this in the FAQ page.

So check the FAQ page under the EXTRAS tab on my website menu every so often to see new tidbits of information, or better yet, if you read my books and something intrigues you about the world of Kaslon, simply contact me and I might use your question to create a new fact!

After all, if you’re curious enough to ask, others might be too!

Happy reading,


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