When I wish I had powers…

Ever wanted to be a superhero? Fly? Have super strength?vladislav-muslakov-261627-unsplash

Well, this weekend, I wish I had my characters ability to Change into a different creature to gain their super quick healing ability.

Why? Because food poisoning is not fun!

Yup, there I was walking home Friday night, wondering how I would celebrate the end of the working week, and when I got home, the plan was to freshen up before heading straight back out to get a bite and absorb the Friday night atmosphere.

My stomach had other plans.

I won’t give details, but lets just say you can never have too many buckets in your house. 24 hours of shivering, ‘give me all the blankets’, and ‘turn on the air conditioner’ and I was thinking enviously of the ability of my characters who can Change into a larger animal form to heal injuries received in their humanoid forms.

Arrows, bad animal bites, battle injuries is what plagues my characters usually.

Me – a bad salad.

And although I’m feeling better today, the effects of the poisoning still linger, and I’m weak as any cute and fluffy baby animal.

So, right now, I want to borrow the ability of my characters to Change and heal – I think being a rhilander (big enough to take down trees) would be suitable.

Happy reading (and don’t eat bad salads),



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