Star Wars secrets: What really happened…

daniel-cheung-129838-unsplashLeia: “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

Wow. What a line. Guy fights his way across half a death star to rescue you and that’s what he’s greeted with.

I’ll put this line right up there with Anakin’s from Return of the Sith:

Anakin: “General Grievous. You’re shorter than I expected.”

Seems like these type of quips run in the family. But the writing of Star Wars movies, and the books that followed, is just one of the many reasons I’m such a big fan – and I have a lot of the books!

And although I enjoy the new Star Wars movies (Rogue One being my favourite to date – I mean, an ATAT in paradise? Drool!), its a little sad that all the previous Star Wars books (and there’s a lot of them) that formed the story line of Luke, Leia and Han after Episode VI, Return of the Jedi, will now be brushed into oblivion and replaced with a new time line.

So, I thought I would reveal some of the little known things that happen to Luke, Leia and Han in the books in the alternate universe that has now been overwritten.

For Luke, in the books, he:

  • shows us what an ace fighter pilot he is, helping to boost Rogue Squadron back up and create other fighter squadrons.
  • does start a jedi academy…but for adults, not for kids.
  • one of his apprentices does go bad…but because the evil spirit of an ancient sith lord causes him to, not because Luke tries to kill the guy, and the apprentice does actually come back to the light side and turn out to be a great master.
  • gets a serious girlfriend at one point…after her spirit is allowed to take over the form of a human female who abandons her own body. But as she is a former jedi who is left without any powers in her new form, she becomes depressed and leaves Luke.
  • gets involved in a cult and almost dies (can happen to the best of us, I guess).
  • meets a new woman, Mara Jade, with force powers who tries to kill him, but they keep meeting and eventually, he trains her up as a jedi and they marry and become this awesome couple. Oh, and did I mention she was once the Emperors Hand (his right hand assassin, as it were)?
  • has a kid with Mara, who they name Ben, after Ben Kenobi.

So, I’m guessing in just that list you can see that the screen writers of the new Star Wars movies borrowed from the books…but what happened to Han and Leia in this alternate universe is just as interesting!

Han and Leia:

  • Han ends up dating Leia for a bit after Episode VI, but then he’s sent away on missions for a while, and when he comes back Leia is a bit cold and less interested, and has started falling for a prince from a different world. So Han, of course, abducts her, takes her away to a planet called Dathomir that he won in a card game, and tries to woo her. After lots of fighting on the planet with the evil witches there, he does in fact receive Leia’s hand in marriage.
  • After their marriage, Leia continues to work really hard on the New Republic, and acts in Mon Mothma’s stead at times until Mon Mothma resigns and Leia takes her place for a time.
  • Han really wants to have kids, but Leia is against it, in case one of her offspring would become evil, as she knows they are likely to be strong in the force.
  • The spirit of her father, Anakin, comes to her a couple of times, asking for forgiveness, but she refuses (but the guy did torture her…). But after learning some new things about herself and her father, and some of the good he did even as Darth Vader, Leia agrees to try for kids with Han.
  • They have kids (yay!), twins, actually, and name the girl and boy, Jaina and Jacen.
  • Then they have a third child, who they name Anakin, after Leia’s father.
  • A planet is destroyed, and Chewbacca with it, right after Chewie throws Anakin on board the Falcon and Han zooms away to safety, not realising his friend has sacrificed himself (that was very sad, and I think the writer and publisher actually received hate mail from fans about this!).
  • In a war years later, when Anakin is in his young teens, the universe is invaded by a new species, call the Yuzzhan Vong (who apparently think that the more mutilated your face is, the better looking you are – ugh!), and Anakin is killed.
  • The twins, Jaina and Jacen, both look for solutions to the war. Jaina becomes a highly skilled pilot and takes on the Vong that way. Jacen…well, he explores other darker pathways, and ultimately becomes the new evil dark lord in the universe, while hiding that fact from his family, and kills his aunt, Mara Jade, while also trying to sway her and Luke’s son, Ben, to the dark side (nice guy, right?).
  • Jaina ends up eventually taking on her brother and winning – after training with Boba Fett and his family – and becomes known as the Sword of the Jedi.
  • Han and Leia continue to travel around the universe in the Falcon together, having hard and easier times as a married couple, and still trying to hold the galaxy together.

Thanks to the writers of all those books for providing such a great ongoing universe – I’m sure the new Star Wars timeline will continue to draw from the excellent content of your books.

For me, I’m really looking forward to when Admiral Thrawn is introduced….(and if you don’t know who that is, dear reader, then read here!)

Happy reading AND May the 4th be with you tomorrow!!


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