The Slow Reveal…

TurtleI love readers who leave comments and reviews for me on Amazon, whether they are YA Fiction lovers, Adult readers who like a lighter, but still epic, fantasy read, or readers who like authentic and fast-paced action.

Why? Because reviews and comments help my books become better, they tell me what you love and what you want more of, and they help my books become more discoverable, resulting in yet more feedback.

So of course I love them, whether the reviews are four words long (“What an Amazing read!!” – Amazon reviewer), or two pages—and yes, I’ve had both mixes so far!

People tell me that they love the shifters, the concept of Changing (especially how I answer the question about where their clothes go) and how Siray and her budding romances has them intrigued (and no, I will not say who she’s going to choose).

Of interest to me however, is some readers who seemed disappointed that I didn’t reveal the entire plot in the first book, Change of Chaos!

Don’t get me wrong, they still loved the story, obviously, and I’m delighted that those readers wanted the answers then and there, as it tells me that they were really engaged with the characters and their plight.

And of course, I could reveal everything in one book, but then if I had to write a 1,500 page book I think both you and I might go mad (me from the writing and editing, and you from having to slog through such a large book at the end).

But don’t for a moment think that I forget one plot line or question I raise in the story, no matter how big or small. Everything has a time and place for a reveal and, just like in the real world, in my books, while the hints are there are the time, nice and subtle, usually the full impact of the plot you read earlier won’t hit until near the end when I bring it all together.

Then, dear reader, you can slap your forehead and go, ‘Oh, of course!” 🙂

Certainly in the course of my life so far, this has happened to me, with one occasion meaning that only a decade on did I realise why something had happened to me and the value it had added to my life (but don’t worry, it won’t be that long until you get the final reveal in my books).

So thanks to all those so far who have left a review on Amazon or Goodreads for me—can’t say how much I appreciate your comments and how they help to keep pushing me to take my books to even greater heights.

And if you haven’t read one of my books yet, then start with Change of Chaos soon, because Book 3, Change of Darkness, will come out at mid-year!


Happy reading,


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