Standing out from the crowd…of books!


So how many books do you think have been published this year?

Not how many books in total are published, but how many books (approximately) do you think have been newly launched in 2018?




Worldometers has an idea.

At the time of writing this blog—1:43pm on Sunday 8 April 2018, Worldometers estimated that approximately 697,391 books have been published this year.



Its flabbergasting (I love that word, and that I could pull it out to use it today).


The introduction of electronic publishing, kindles, tablets, etc., means that a lot of authors can now publish their work electronically, because it’s so easy.

Not that all of them are amazing works, or real—at least at first—but it does make you wonder how in the world YOUR book can stand out in the growing crowd of books that are published each year.

And that is the big question. You can’t sell books if your readers don’t know you exist.

So, more important than sales is awareness/discovery.

The easier it is to discover your book, the better it will sell, and the higher your book will emerge in the growing piles of competing titles.

It takes marketing, putting yourself out there, risky moves, investment of time and money, opening yourself up to criticism, hours of engagement, until you build your author platform and develop a following.

But basically, the biggest thing that can help?

Word of mouth.

YOU, dear reader, are one of the most important steps in this chain.

And authors like me love it when you harass your friends about how you LOVED one of our books.

So, I encourage it.

Got an event coming up? Talk about my book.

Catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages? Talk about nothing but my book.

Got an important work meeting with the boss, first thing Monday morning? Spend at least 30 minutes talking about my book.

Attending an important family event where the topic of conversation is definitely about something else besides you and my book? Maybe drop a mention of my book in anyway. 😊

Okay—I don’t really recommend doing the above (especially not the work one!), but it does help form the picture of how important you are in the process.

Because without you, us writers would not do this!

(or I might, but it wouldn’t be as fun without you reading it!)

Happy reading,


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