Book 3 cover reveal!

change of darkness - print book coverAnd here it is! Purple, darker than the others and perfectly suited to the development of the plot in Book #3, Change of Darkness.

So why did I decide to reveal the cover for this one earlier then stated?

A number of reasons.

One, the book, currently sitting with my editor, is my favourite so far, and I want to start talking about it, which is easier when you have the cover picture to reference!

Two, the cover also happens to be my favourite of the lot, although the cover for Book 1, Change of Chaos, is a very close second…

Three—I can’t start doing all the fun promotions and competitions in the lead up to the book’s launch until I reveal the cover to you!

Hence, early cover reveal, and then you can get excited about the next competitions for prizes I’ll be putting up around the end of April on my Facebook page.

But I know a couple of you will be especially interested in the cover of Change of Darkness…because two of you are characters in this book!

Yes—Renhed and Annbov, one Faction, one Resistance—two readers who won the last competition draw to be a character. I had a lot of fun seeing what your characters got up to in Book 3, and having them interact with the other main characters.

So start getting excited, and if you haven’t read Change of Chaos (Book #1) or Change of Edict (Book #2) yet, then there’s still time before Change of Darkness is released at mid-year!

Happy reading,


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