Victory! Book 2 is out, and Book 3…



As you probably know, I launched Change of Edict (Book 2 of the Change Series) on Friday 30 March, and the same day, I shot off Book 3, Change of Darkness, to my editor.

What a feeling! Mentally, I’m absolutely like the guy in the picture above – standing on top of that rock and looking out at the world (you just can’t see the big smile on his face because he’s facing away from the camera).

In practical reality, while being on top of the world mentally, I was actually running around like a mad thing in my apartment to pack my suitcase for my Easter trip to fly from Melbourne to Adelaide to visit friends 🙂

But what a feeling to have the hard part of Book 3 done! Not that the work is over completely – ooooohhhhh, no. No, I’ve still got several reviews of the manuscript to do once my editor (Michelle Hope, editor to top-tier authors like George R. R. Martin and Connie Brockway) finishes her amazing work on it.

But the feeling of completing the first stage of writing, reviewing and editing a book is an amazing feeling, and takes weeks of a dedicated, strap myself down in front of my computer, no you can’t leave to go play playstation, mentality. Very little playtime for those weeks, but it pays off.

And so what will I do while Book 3 is in the hands of my brilliant editor?

Keep writing, of course!

The question is…what will I be writing?

Book 4? A prequel? A novella? A new series?

Hehe – I’ll tell you at mid-year!

Thanks to all those who have added reviews of Change of Chaos and Change of Edict already to Amazon and Goodreads – your support means the world!

Happy reading,


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