Movies based on books we love…

jeshoots-com-606648-unsplashIt’s always interesting to watch a movie based on a book.

Sometimes the movie really captures the essence of the book, and I’ll enjoy it as an hour and a half snapshot of the more in-depth written version.

And sometimes directors and producers misstep when turning a novel into a big screen delight, and I’m left feeling a bit robbed, saying to myself, ‘You had the opportunity to make this movie and that’s what you did?’

Not that I imagine it would be easy at all, to try and capture what is hours and hours of reading time and fine detail into just 90 minutes or more.

And I especially know from just creating my own book trailers, which gives me the tiniest smidgen of a glimpse into just how much work might be involved in the creation of a movie adaption, that it can’t be easy.

So, which recent (being top of my mind, this generation made into movies) books for me have been captured well as movies (or even a TV series)? Although, yes, I generally enjoy the books more:

  • Hunger Games
  • Ender’s Game
  • Maze Runner (the first one)
  • The Hobbit (I didn’t mind the addition of the She-Elf, added a nice female touch)
  • Harry Potter (most of them, bar the last one)
  • Mortal Instruments (TV series)
  • Game of Thrones (some things are slightly different, but I feel these actually capture some clues to the plot better than the reading experience)

And which not so well:

  • LOTR (Return of the King – bits with Sam and Frodo, but not all of them)
  • Narnia (ugh! I really liked this book growing up, and feel aspects missed the mark)
  • Divergent (loved some parts and then felt others were…lacking)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (There are some bits in the book that were altered, like the final fight scene between Harry and Voldemort that bothered me)
  • Mortal Instruments (movies) – did anyone else find that the actor who played Jace not what they had pictured Jace looking like?

So I guess looking at that list, I appreciate nearly all the movies made from books, but feel unhappy when a key aspect (actor picked for a character, script writing, look or feel) do not match the feel of the book.

And it does make me wonder what my books, starting with Change of Chaos, might look like as a movie or TV series…I’m guessing there would be a lot of action scenes if it ever happened! 🙂

And of course, directors and producers can’t please everyone, especially when after a movie I sometimes go, ‘that was average…’ and my friends go ‘that was awesome!’

Everyone’s got their own take.

But to producers and directors – keep making those movies of our books, because regardless, we love seeing our characters come alive.

There’s definitely a number of movies being released this year that are based on books that I’m keen to see…Red Sparrow, for one.

What’s your favorite?

Happy watching/reading,



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