So you’ve written something…what next?

Get your short story or novel ready for publication!

So you’ve written something – short story, poem, scene, script – whatever it is – you’ve done it! Congrats! Huge achievement!

But having gone through this three times now myself, I know exactly what you’re thinking now.

How the hell do I get this thing ready to go out into the world?

And here is where my easy to follow, 19 step process, will help you do just that.

Getting Your Work Ready For Publication

BearĀ in mind my guide is just an idea of a process you can follow, but it works for me and I managed to publish three books in a total of six months following this easy to follow process (note – I wrote all three books before I started publishing any of them so it allowed me to get savvy with the process).

So, look at my guide above for getting your writing ready for publication and get your work out there into the world!

Hope to read your works soon!




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