Fight Scene Authenticity


“Incredibly engaging and well-paced book…physical action is extremely engaging and authentic…” (Advanced Reader Copy review)

The above review of my soon to be launched book Change of Chaos shows a theme that I am getting in my reviews from Advanced Readers. That they love the physical action.

Until you get to know me, you might wonder why the action is so authentic.

I’ll give you a hint.

Mark Twain said, “Write what you know.”

And this is what I know—martial arts. I’ve been doing boxing, kick boxing, Karate and Taekwondo for over twelve years, so I know what it is to take a punch.

Yes, I know boxing in the gym, sparring in a karate club and fighting a range of other fighting styles in state, national and world competitions doesn’t make me an expert or a professional in this area, but—I do know what it feels like, how you need to think, how the body reacts and, most importantly, what it is to cop a hit and get right back in there.

I know how your hearing seems to tune everything out but the breath of your opponent, the whistle of the umpires, and the shouts of your coach.

I know that your vision contracts so that your opponent—and their fists and feet—become the most important things in your world.

I know how to work a set square on a mat to evade my opponent, drive them out of the ring, or stall for time if I’m ahead.

And I know how three minutes can seem like a life-time, especially when you’re fully on the defence.

Split lips, bruises and swelling up and down my legs and arms, bruises on the face, soft tissue injuries, being winded, being kicked in the—well, you know.

It all helps me add to the authenticity of the fight scenes in my series, Change of Chaos.

Read it and find out.



P.S Yes, that is me in the above picture, in the white (and yes, I went blonde for a bit…you live and learn).

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