Finding inspiration


I think it’s interesting that people I talk to who want to write, but aren’t actually doing so, have a common saying that they use; ‘I wouldn’t know what to write about.’ Or another response I get is, ‘I wouldn’t know where to start.’

Fair enough. But it’s not a lasting excuse.

Write anything. Write about what you did yesterday, and tell the world why yesterday was unique. Did you pass a lady in the street who looked like she was from a bond movie? Did you have a day where everything was so ordinary that it made you wonder where all the interesting people were gathering and why you hadn’t received an invite?

It doesn’t matter what you write, but it does matter that you do. It doesn’t have to be perfect when you write something down for the first time – hopefully it isn’t, because that means you’re really in the moment – because you’re going to be revising what you’ve written at least three times. And then you move on to editing.

So, what motivates me to write? Or to create a particular story, moment or character?

Sometimes, it’s life events or experiences; these can really give authenticity to your writing. For me, an example of this is my martial arts experience. Years of competing at the national level means I know what it is to take a punch, and to be kicked in the – well, you know where (it hurts just as much for chicks as it does for guys) – and to defend against an attack.

Sometimes its my experience of others actions – family, friends, people I meet in the street, even animals – that drives moments or scenes within a book. A perfect example of this is when a beagle I used to own basically created one particular scene for me in my first book, Change of Chaos.

Other times, it is the outcomes of a movie, one that made me wonder what would have happened otherwise if a character had or had not done something.

And on occasion its music that inspires me – whole ideas can sprout from music.

So, whatever it is that inspires you, find it, work with it and get those ideas down.

And no more excuses – they don’t help at all!

Happy writing,


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